How to Care for a Tillandsia Before Gifting It

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Air plants are an awesome gift. While easy to care for and hard to kill, Tillys tend to take on a life of their own–becoming the perfect little sidekick for your friend or family.

What should you do with the air plant until you gift it?

Theoretically, your air plant will just go dormant while in the box and could survive a few weeks without light or water. But, this can open the door to other issues, like rot. If you are giving an air plant as a gift, we recommend opening the box as soon as you get it. Remove the plant, mist or soak according to our care instructions, and put the Tilly back in the box. Just be sure to leave the lid open until you are ready to gift it so it can get light and air.

It’s that simple!

Feel free to point the lucky recipient of your gift to our Tilly care video and FAQ section if they have more questions.

Well done on giving the perfect gift!