A Perfect Indoor Plant–Tillandsia in Your Climate

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If you’re considering buying an Air Plant, you may be wondering whether Tillandsia, or Tillys for short, will survive and thrive in your local climate.

In the wild.

Tillys are actually a perennial flowering plant—one of 730 species of evergreen plants. They are native to the Southern United States, Central and South America, and the West Indies. But, as an indoor plant, they can survive just about anywhere.

Out in the wild, these plants actually prefer a humidity of above 50%, which is impractical at home or in the office. What makes Tillys such an easy-care plant is that they are “tank plants,” meaning they hold water in their base for several days. This camel-like quality keeps urban gardeners, or those living in a colder climate, from having to live in a sauna.

In your home.

Air Plants are perfect for indoors, where their environment is a little more stable. Since they thrive in temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s easy to keep them happy and healthy. Plus, they provide the air-purifying task of removing toxins like carbon monoxide from the air. Being a soil-free plant, Tillys also let you avoid the dirt and mess that potted plants bring into the home.

These are also a great plant if you have curious cats, dogs, and toddlers roaming your house. Air Ferns can be easily mounted in high or unusual spots—out of reach of cute little hands and paws. Plus, their creative uses are just about endless, making them natural décor in any room.

Whether you live in the mountains, in the desert, or near swamplands, Air Plants will have no problem keeping your home beautifully green.

Check out our Air Plant care video, with details about watering and fertilizing Tillandsia. You can also download our easy-care instructions, which include some great tips about the right environment for your Tillys.

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